Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler Stays Current

The Jeep Wrangler is known to people all over the world, though it is not always sold under the Jeep name. The Wrangler, also known as the TJ and the YJ is a universally recognized vehicle that was the successor to a World War II vehicle. Though the vehicle started off as somewhat of an off road or sporty vehicle, it has been able to maintain its popularity by continuing to change with the times and provide consumers with what they need. The Wrangler was known first as the YJ and then as the TJ and the most current model is known as the JK and this model was first produced for the 2007 model year to the current model year. The Wrangler looks much like the previous models, though it is more friendly to those that are looking for a mini sport utility vehicle and not necessarily an off road vehicle.

The JK is produced in Toledo, Ohio and offers consumers the choice between several different body styles. The body styles includes a two door convertible, a two door sport utility vehicle, and four door convertible, and a four door sport utility vehicle. All of these options make the Wrangler an option for a lot more consumers. The new Wrangler features a 3.8 V6 engine and consumers can choose between a four speed automatic transmission or a six speed manual transmission. Fuel capacity in the JK is 21.6 US gallons, the biggest fuel tank the Wrangler has had to date.

The JK is a completely revised Wrangler, offering not only more body style options, but also more space than the existing models. The JK has two more inches in length and 3.4 inch wider rack. Though the models are generally bigger, the two door model is 2.5 inches shorter in it overall length, which makes approaching as well as departing angles better. This larger size is liked by some, but to others it is simply too large to be effective off road. This is not a complaint that is a first with the Wrangler, in fact enthusiasts have complained about an increased size each time a revision has been made to the vehicle! This increased size as well as the four door offering make the Wrangler and option for families and those that want a four door vehicle, for the first time.

The JK Wrangler is offered in two different versions, either a short wheelbase two door in X, Rubicon, or Sahara trim levels. There is also a long wheel base, which is the Unlimited four door model that is offered in the X, Sahara, as well as the Rubicon trim level.

The JK Wrangler sports a 3.8 liter V6 engine, as mentioned above, which provides 205 horsepower and 240 foot per pound torque. The 3.8 liter engine replaces the more vulnerable Straight 6 engine offered in the past. There is another engine that is offered outside of the United States, but it is not offered for the 2007 model as it did not meet emission control standards. The six speed manual transmission is what comes standard on the JK Wrangler, with the four speed automatic being an option for those that don’t want the manual transmission.

There are some new features such as traction control, limited slip differential, and more. These features are liked by some, but others like the old school feel of the old Wranglers more. Overall, the JK has been very well accepted and before long Jeep enthusiasts will quiet down about the increase in size as the vehicle runs as well as ever.

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